Miss Ganesha / Dj Résident

Miss Ganesha represents energy, charm, groove and sensuality … Her smile and her unparalleled communication give her an irresistible desire to move with her!

In 13 years of career, it has been booked in the biggest clubs and events of Belgium: City Parade 2008/2013, Cherry-Moon, Silo, Bliss, B-Club, Millénium, Le Trébuchet, Euphoria, Barocco, La Rocca , The Cube, The Docks Café, The Midi Station, Knokke Out, The Craft, The 2 Reactions, Bois de Villers, The Festimix, …

Miss Ganesha has also performed on the international scene and has made the dancefloors of the Cristal Lounge (Algeria), Kadoc (Portugal), Dirty Prod Tour (France), Budha Bay (Germany) She has performed with renowned artists such as Dave Lambert, Mr.Magnetik, Daddy K, Yves Deruyter, Miss Luna, Sven Lanvin, Furax, V-Beatz, Tom Hades, Sam Ostyn, Loulou Players …

This talented Liège DJette has become a must in the electro scene. It makes climbing the temperature of the clubs, bars and various events for which it happens! Featuring delicate fingering, it has its own claw, its universe and a proper handling of the turntables.

His favorite styles are tribal-tech, tech-house, house, deep / lounge, prog-house and retro.

Very versatile in relation to her mixing style, she is able to mix while varying and evolving in relation to her audience. Lately, Miss Ganesha has also launched in Live Facebook.

Featuring an original and varied visual, its live performances are all the rage and accumulate tens of thousands of views! Miss Ganesha will not stop surprising you!

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